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February 25, 2011



Oh how I've missed you.

Kristi Smith

Oh, Jacey . . . I feel like we should embrace.

Donna Wells

You ding dong! You crack me up. Lynette is on that shrine wall a lot more than I am!!!! What's up with THAT?
I'd like new skin, too, but for different reasons.


It's been too long! Welcome to my world!

Kristi Smith

Lynette is on my wall more because I couldn't get the right size of photos when I was making copies . . . remember? :-)

Did you blog, too, Cathy? I must go look.


I'm not even on the dang wall.
But I still missed you.


I'd love to see a close-up of your crack!

Kristi Smith

lol, oh Renee, that made me giggle. :)

Kristi Smith

And Debbie . . . I think I am going to start adding Christmas pics to it . . . so you may be on there soon. :)


i'm still perlexed about that first photo, but at least i remembered how old you are now!!!


...and im' with debbie - where's my pic!?!?!?!?!!


:) You slay me.

I'm in love with T-Bone. Now more than ever!

I love that verse, too. Someone sent that verse to me when Brian lost his job. It was exactly the verse I needed at that time.

I've missed you so.

Kristi Smith

Sue, I will add pics soon!!! :)

AMY!!! lol That is not T-Bone! I "borrowed" that pic off the net! :)

I miss you, too, Amy. I need to visit you more often. ;-)


Sorry I sent the picture of Mom to make you worry about your missing hair. (Inherited from dad)Your skin a mixture from mom and dad and not listing to Plus you should have a lot of good years left? Not like your Mom said on my 40 BD when I a woke, "HBD, do you know you have lived over 1/2 your life already?" (that ruined my day)
Love Dad

Lynette van Barrelo

hahahahaha!! You crack me up!!! I think you'll still look cute in your halloween costume when you are 70. You just won't be able to hear me tell you.

I remember you showing me your shrine when I was there. I didn't notice your crack though... and WHY are you worried about your crack? Is it seeping? Getting bigger? All of the above?


when you figure out the skin warranty thing let me know please... I need to get a replacement...
about your crack, maybe some caulking.

Allie Yaeger

You must not worry about these stuff, because age is just a number. For you to always look younger than your age, you have to feel good about yourself. And do not be afraid to try new stuff that will make your face have a certain glow! Anyhow, your puppy looks adorable!!

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