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November 02, 2010


Kristi Smith

That picture is freakin' huge but the next size down was 120 pixels. Bigger is better, right? ;)

Donna Wells

You're such a goofball! I like your costume. Very cute and sexy. Go Kristi, Go Kristi!!! ;-)
Just in case you didn't know about the bird crap thing...when you eat something it doesn't go to your lungs so you should say "I can't think of the last time I inhaled bird crap!" Haaaa Maybe you've been snorting bird crap.
I'm done now.

Kristi Smith

I can say what I want, it is my blog. lol Eating it is funnier than inhaling it. It's not really bird crap on my lungs either. It's fungus. But crap is funnier than fungus. ;)


As long as you wear the leggings and don't think your 70 year old tushy looks like a 20 year old tushy, people will think you're a cute 70 year old!

I say it's crap that they aren't more concerned about the crap on your lungs! If your doctor had crap on his lungs, whether it was from eating or inhaling crap, I think he'd be more aggressive with the treament. I know it's your blog but I can say what I want because I'm concerned about the crap on your lungs! ; )

Kristi Smith

My tushy already looks like a 70 year old's tushy so you don't have to worry about that. ;)

Thanks for worrying about my crap, Kendra. :)


is it possum or opossum? just wundrin'.....we missed you and your super cute pirate outfit! maybe u should wear it to your 40th!!!!!

Kristi Smith

lol, it is either way, Sue. I usually write possum but I thought opossum was really the correct spelling. :)


I HAVE missed you!!!l I'm worried about the shit on your lungs as well! Hey, I'm European... I get to say shit. :)
you look so cute in that outfit. I'm thinking the 20 year olds are gonna be jealous when your 70 yr old self still wears that and looks smokin'.


I have missed you because you are freaking adorable!


I've missed you.


Oh my gosh, you kill me! You look smoking hot in your pirate costume - no joke! I hope I look as good as you when I get to be all grown up like you! Sorry you have bird crap in your lungs......hopefully everything is okay. I am happy to see that you are blogging again. :)


I have missed you bunches!!

I love your costume - you will be a smokin' hot 70 yr-old pirate!

Why do you have bird crap in your lungs?

Costume fashion

Your dress is looking simply gorgeous. Pink is my favorite color. I missed you. You are really very frank and hope you do as you planned. Thanks for best picture.

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