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May 08, 2010



Great shots! I am sorry to hear Cole was in the hospital, that had to be so scary! And good for you for saving that pup! T-Bone is cute as ever!


most excellent catch up kristi! love all the photos - love that one of you at the end - you've obviously played around with some actions on that one too? it's gorgeous. happy mothers' day!


That was very enjoyable. I'm so glad your husband found a new job!!!


Lol, I have not seen Guinea Chickens for along time! Plus I never would have written on your floor let alone take a picture of it! great~! ha Will not comment on all but hated to see Cole wired up, glad he is up and going!


That was very cool! ...I'm glad Matt is working again, and Cole is healthy....but its still T-Bone who does it for me! but(ts) about it!

Kristi Smith

Dad, that wasn't my floor that was my glass coffee table, I could dust it every day!!!

Thanks, everyone!


Hey that was a good jump Cole. I could never get my big feet that high off the floor when I was center. lol


Wow! Well let's see...

Love the shot of Cole shooting...very cool.

Very glad that he's feeling better now.

Could you wrap T-Bone up in a box and send him to me? I love him. I will send you Willie in return, okay?

I'm so happy that Matt has a new job - that's awesome news!

I don't know if you got my email or not, but I loooooove the adorable owl mini-album you sent me. LOVE IT! I have showed it off to everyone who enters my home and sometimes more than once, causing them to call me "a repeater". :)

Lynette van Barrelo

Loved your post. I miss you! I'm glad Cole is OK now and that Matt is back working!

But(t) I think your butt is newsworthy and would have liked to have seen it again!

Love your photos and TBone. I'm glad you have dust. Your house was way clean and I started to think that there was no dirt in the US! =P


Did I ever tell you we had Guineas? We all hated them so much we gave them away. You would have LOVED visiting when we had them if you thougth the rooster was annoying at daybreak!

Especially love the photos of T-Bone and the last one of you!

Cathy La Hay

So good to see you back here!!
You have really been doing a wonderful job taking photos and working those actions. If we lived closer, I'd have you teach me. I would so be in Heaven to learn how to do what you do!!

I'm glad that Cole is better and DH got a job!!


wow what a catch up post! Love seeing you in blogland again (and now I think I have to play catch up as well) :)
Great photos!
So happy that Matt has a job once more and that Cole is healthy again. And that you have a newsworthy butt. :)


Well, I read blogs about as often as you post, so this whole updated thing since Janyuary worked really great for me!

Loved all the pics, it was fun to follow what you had been up to!

Glad Cole is better, and that Matt is working again. Both stressful, and scary things.


Ummmm, I didn't proof that before I posted. I try to type too fast sometimes. :)

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