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March 19, 2010



I have never wiped with a towel! lol! I'm bringing my own towels next time I visit you!

I don't understand how you get it in that shape. Do you not apply it to your top lip with the tube of lipstick?

Kristi Smith

Would you rather there be pee on my floor? lol Okay, this has happened once, maybe twice . . . and I grabbed Matt's big towel off the towel bar. So sue me. :)

I do apply it to my top lip. Very carefully.


I'll just start sending you daily TP check reminders so you don't find yourself in that situation again.

The Cotton Wife

And still this post makes me wish I wore lipstick rather than Burt's Bees. After all that...


You tell us this AFTER the KC trip! Nice and we shared a bathroom! UGH!

Kristi Smith

lol Pam. No worries, never have done it at anybody else's house or a hotel. Just Matt's towel. ;)


My lipstick says:
Dislikes schedules
Selective of friends
Outgoing likes attention

Pretty accurate, I'd say. But my Burt's Bees is flat and that one is also pretty accurate (except for the high morals!):
To the point
High morals
Very dependable
Quick minded
Loves challenges
Careful about appearances

Fortunately I always keep a box of tissues in my bathroom so the thought of a towel has NEVER crossed my mind, ever.

But anyway, your lipstick is an extra unique shape that I don't think was really highlighted in that little article. Maybe you should email them your photo and see what they say! You might end up with your own unique profile.

Kristi Smith

lol Donna. I did show Matt the different lipstick shapes and we both concurred that really mine didn't look like any of the shapes but picked the one we thought it was closest to.


i can honestly say i have never done THAT to a lipstick before! does this mean you have weird shaped lips?


so i'm a flat top concave. who knew...


You are seriously funny. I miss you! xoxo

Cathy In Chicago

Nope..not the towel thingy for me either but you do make me chuckle. LOL


Hee hee! You are so funny.
The wiping with a towel thing did not surprise me at all.
I don't wear lipstick anymore. I am addicted to classic chapstick though. And it's pretty flat, as you would expect it to be. :)


About your "creative" explanation. Actually, no, I have NEVER done that.

And I'm not glad that I know YOU have, either.


I expect a new picture to go with this........


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