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February 15, 2010



that is so cute and your attitude is amaing kristi! it's nice having them home AND getting paid at the same time. i'm sure something will open up but in the meantime - just dance!!!

Laura Fiore

I LOVE it! We ARE the Champions Kristi! At least in our own minds!!!


You've got the right outlook, Kristi! Something good will happen. We are finally getting a Wii and after looking at your pics, we're definitely getting Just Dance. Hilarious!


Very cute...well written and entertaining.


You have the best outlook!....We have Wii offs...and just dance is my favourite! much're right it is about the shake that baby and you'll kick their butts!!
Sending lots of positive thoughts ur way...xxoo

The Cotton Wife

I love the way y'all look at things!


: ) Enjoy every minute of having him home! And I believe 100% that he's handling it exactly like you said.


someday I want to be just like you...I would love to have such a positive outlook


You paid for a whole month of Typepad and didn't use it. Matt must be keeping you very, very busy with all that time off. ; )

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