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January 12, 2010



YUCK! and with mayo even more yuck!


lol.... i made my kids eat tunafish sandwiches for dinner 2 knights ago...2 did not like, 2 did... i remember eating it all the time as a little girl, but not so much as i got older... i think i've had it maybe 3 times in the past 16 years, i liked it the other knight... with mayo & a bit of salt.

Kristi Smith

I love to eat it with mayo and relish too. But I just grab a packet to take to work, it's easy peasy.


Gag a maggot! I hate tuna. Brian eats it and then chases me around trying to make me kiss him. My girls like to eat it plain too. I always knew they were weird, this confirms it. :-D JK!


Kristi you must have for got it is Salmon that is best? You know Salmon patties and Salmon Salad Sandwiches! I know I for got once also.


I like it the same way!

The Cotton Wife

Are fish fingers like hot dog fingers?

Kristi Smith

lol, I don't think so CW! :)

Debbie, glad I am not the only weirdo.

Dad, I still love salmon too! Yum, salmon salad with the bones still in it.


I myself am not a fan of tuna, but I feel your co-workers pain. I went into work for a little bit and the guy that sits right behind me was eating sardines. Well, that was my cue to go. Tuna I can understand, but sardines is something I cannot contemplate.


I ate tuna fish sandwiches as a kid, and tuna noodle casserole, but now I substitute with canned chicken. Just can't do the tuna thing. Good for you for being healthful in your eating though!

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