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December 28, 2009



LOL! You went from Halloween to Christmas without updating your blog??? You got some sweet photos of the kids!

Caelan will LOVE that football when I show him the pic!

Your tree looks MUCH better than mine. I don't think I've ever seen a worse tree-decorator than me!

I want the "best cheeseball ever" recipe!


I have a comment where were those sweets????
I know I do not need them and I made mom leave two bags of candy at home and a box of chocolates in the freezer! We enjoyed the pictures to night after our long drive.

Lynette van Barrelo

Your Christmases always look so lovely and cosy with everyone all rugged up.
Your tree always looks beautiful.
"2nd Best Christmas Ever"??? I wonder what was the best Christmas ever...
Merry Christmas, You!!! XX


Love all the pics! That first one with Cole opening the door with the Christmas tree behind him is AMAZING! Love it!
It looks like your family had a great Christmas! I love Cole's C-Note gift!! Who was the giver of that gift & how do I make it onto the gift list????
And WTH are you talking about? Your tree looks AWESOME! Mine looked pretty bad this year, since we let the kids decorate it top to bottom. Luckily, Sophie is pretty spacially-oriented so she didn't give us a bottom-only decorated tree... go Sophie! lol

And forget the Spanx, just let it all hang out til June!! :D


Kristi I'm sorry Mom wants some of these pictures so I'm clipping them from your bolg and printing.
For her personal use! No TV yet so I need some thing to do.

Carrie T

A signed Mizzou football. Come one! lol Just joking. My sister got us ticket to go to our first Jayhawk game in February. I can not wait!

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