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November 02, 2009



it would have been ok if it was alcoholic beer you know kristi - if it was a straight whisky, that would have been ok too!

PW is having a busy time right now - i watched the online vid of her on bonnie hunt, so cute! she doesn't sound as southern as i thought she would - all that time on the ranch and she's still an LA girl!

is that matt's brother? if so,. they look alike!

also, i think your meal looks GREAT!


I definitely know what an EMO is. sadly.

Love your costume.

And the dinner does look great. I might have to get that book!

Kristi Smith

Sue, I didn't want anyone thinking I drank non-alcoholic beer. lol

Not Matt's brother, that is his sister. :)

I knew you would know what an emo is, Deb.


I think I kinda know what an emo is. I guess that makes me semi-old???

I think you have the senior pic pose down pat.

Cole looks really good in his costume!


Honestly, both of those Halloween party photos are scary!

The food looks yummy. I'm thinking my family will like the onion strings!

And I'm so excited to be able to say I know what emo is! You didn't have to tell me and I didn't have to Google.

Lynette van Barrelo

Great costumes. I thought the Emo costume was familiar and it was! It still looks cute the second time around!

Love the photos of Matt's sister and family.

I need to read Pioneer woman's site. I haven't looked for over a year! I tried her sweet potato thing - you know the one you forked yourself with? ; ) Sadly, it wasn't for my palate.


you have me wanting to make meatballs now....


I agree with Kendra about the scary Halloween photos. And I agree with Keri about the meatballs. I'm craving meatballs now. The onion strings look good....maybe you'd better post that recipe for those of us who don't feel like going to Pioneer Woman's website.
You look cute in your costume.
Oh, and those are great photos of Matt's sister's family. Te kids walking away is darling.


Hi Kristi,

Glad to see you are doing ao well. Always wondered how you and the family are doing. Good to see ever├Łone is happy and healthy! Seen matt a few weeks ago at the south belt walmart. You sure picked a nice guy I'm Happy for you guys..



Where oh where are you? I miss you so! ;-)


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