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October 26, 2009



Well that was very profound and entertaining. You have a lot of depth, Kristi. I'd like a happy medium, too. I'd just like a happy fulfilling need for lots of extras. And I have to agree about Oprah. How on earth she can say those things without cracking up. She doesn't have a clue!


Love your little costume by the way. Tiny little thing that you are.

Cathy In Chicago

Your sexy as shit even dressed like whatever that was you were dressed as!!


Ha ha we thought that might keep the boys away? We love you too.
One should not worry what people think and be happy with onesself and the rest comes to you. One of these days Gayla and you will have so much junk you will realy be confused.


i love guacamole too kristi! ...and i love your random thoughts too!


Shawn always says a whole tribe of Indians could pack up all their belongings and leave no trace of their presence in under 20 minutes. He says we'd be slaughtered.

I wonder what in the world you think of me since you hear all my happy stuff AND my complaining. But since you're not trying to figure anyone out anymore, I'm not gonna worry. ; )


Woah. You are really deep. ;-)
I like your costume. It makes me feel better about the fact that both of my little princesses chose to dress up as the undead this year.


Oh, and you kinda look like the little boy that lives next door to us in your Halloween get-up. :-)


You look so much like Cole in that costume! Not that he looks freaky...but you know what I mean.
I want less stuff too. Just cleaning around the stuff is making me nuts.


Aww Cole does look so much like you in that picture...but like Debbie said not that he looks bad or anything...nevermind. I like you and I think I know you..but I am sure there is lots more to know :)


Look at that sofa, our parents must of been poor and couldn't afford a princess outfit for you!


You left out one category: the people who don't know you and don't like you. What about them?

(I adore you, by the way)

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