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September 08, 2008



Just adorable, lovely pictures. I just love the catchlights in his eyes!


He is absolutely adorable!


He is SO cute! I like the distorted one. I think it looks very professional.

I can't believe you told him there was a fish in your camera. Your mind works in mysterious way! ha

Kristi Smith

When you have a three year old who won't look at your camera, you ask him if he can see the fish in your camera. It worked. I hope he doesn't think fish live in cameras the rest of his life though. ;)


He's cute. Too funny about the fish in the camera.

P.S. I posted on the KC blog.


Cute little guy. Fish in the camera hmmmm....


oh my goodness he is sooo cute! come here and take pictures of Brenna... she will have no probs posing for you. ;)

Lynette van Barrelo

These are amazing! Fish in the camera? Genius!!!!!! It's created just the right amount of inquisitiveness and the expression is priceless. I don't think you need any suggestions.


He is a cutie!

Do you have lightroom? If not go and download the free 30 day trial and play with it on the photos although they look great to me.

Jen Biggs

Very cute! I love his eyes! They look great to me, too.

Kristi Smith

Maybe I should add that we were by a lake and he was talking about the fish in it, then I don't sound so crazy. Crazy is fine, but I don't want to be SOOO crazy. ;)


photographing a 3 year old can be quite frustrating I agree :)! I love the light in his eyes. I like the BW pics.


He is adorable!!! Great eyes!

good job onthe photos Kristi...I like the one with the spiderman bear. :)


Oh he is so cute!


the photos are perfect just the way they are kristi! they're fantastic

Cathy ( I got La Hay'd)

He is a doll!! The photos rock too.


Yes, I must say, he is a handsome little grandson. Kristi, you light up my days and I think you do a wonderful job on taking pictures.


FANTASTIC! You did a great job!! I wish I were that good with my camera! JEALOUS HERE, lol

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