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September 14, 2008



I told Matt to have you call when you got home. No call. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Hawaii would so be on my list!

also, you want to come get Aysha, she is getting on my last nerves right now ;)

Jen Biggs

Good list. I would have similar things on mine, too. Man I wish money were not an issue!

Jen Biggs

Oh and I did not mind a tall that time Scott called you.

Jen Biggs

Ok type-o there! You know what I mean! Ahhhhh!


that's a great list kristi! i love that i'm on it. there's plenty of trouble we can get into when you come visit...


I'm totally with you on the New England thing.

I've actually been to Hawaii - it was awesome!

You need to come here this winter and we can go sledding down my hill! :-)

Oh and I'm glad that you pointed yourself out in the picture because I totally thought that was you with in the suit and tie. ;-)


so what play were you in? i did some plays in my highschool years. It was so much fun. A midsummer night's dream; The Music Man, Oklahoma, MacBeth (can you tell I went to an american oriented international highschool?) :)


Klutzymama beat me to the punch, I was going to say I was also confused about which person you were in that photo of two men and one woman.

I did NOT like that movie. The first half hour or whatever in the hospital room was enough to make me want to leave the theatre. Boooooorrrrrrriiiiiinnnnnnggggg. But you can like it if you want! ;-)

I like those Little Critter books, too. You can read them to ME now that Cole's too grown up!

I don't have a "list" and I doubt I will ever have a list. I can't really think of anything I want to do! I must have peaked early in the experience arena.


That is a pretty good start to a list. I have not much thought about one. I was wondering how that movie would be...I watched Meg Ryan on Letterman the other night and thought wow on the Botox etc..
I always liked her and have to agree on the hair-I wish I had that great hair.


We just watched that with the girls a couple of weeks ago. So fun that we could all enjoy it. All of us girls cried, because that's what we do when we watch movies.

I came away thinking I needed to make a list too, but I promptly forgot.

A couple of things about your list:

I have the same book, and I don't Understand Exposure either. But, the pictures are lovely.

I was in a play once or twice. Never did enjoy it.

Little Critters got lots of air time around here, and I still love them.

You can email me about peace if you want to. Peace and I used to be strangers.


Oh I loved reading little critters to my kids too. The girls still have them. =) I love Meg Ryan. I must check that movie out. Great bucket lists. You know Canada is not so far away. It would not cost you much to head down this way! =) Canada and my family would love to have ya for a visit.


I never get visitors so feel free to come on out and see the leaves!

I liked your list.


Woohoo I'm on your list! You would soooo be on mine too! Didn't you LOVE that movie? We watched it a few weeks ago and I love Jack Nicholson's humor, and Morgan Freeman's as well... two "golden oldies" together! I loved it and I'm definitely going to make my own Bucket list!


What a great bucket list...we have some of the same ideas.

Hawaii, meeting cyber buds IRL...

LOL! Who knew a movie could be birth control.


I loved The Bucket List. I can't believe Donna, of all people, didn't like it! I would have thought the whole love-unlovable-people theme would have hooked her. Hmmm.

You will understand exposure eventually! Just keep trying! You should try working in Aperture Priority for awhile and see if that helps you see the connection between aperture and shutter speed.

Can we go on your vacations with you? Those are the only 2 vacations we've talked about taking ourselves.

I, too, find it funny that you pointed yourself out in the photo!

Lynette van Barrelo

Yay! I have a full bucket list.
I'm glad I am on yours.
You might change your mind in a few weeks!
I'm with you on the exposure thing.
Good post!


Ok, so the whole meeting-more-of-my-net-buddies thing totally has my vote. ME FIRST! ME FIRST!

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