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September 02, 2008



That was a great party. We had so much fun. I was amazed that Jay actually stayed awake long enough to make it home and take a bath. :) The pics are awesome! You did a great job!


chicken legs yes, but that green is AWESOME on you kristi! just love all the photos. what a fantastic family day. happy birthday gayla!


looks like you all had an awesome party!!! love all the pics.

wish I had skewers for legs!


Wowza! That is what I call a photo-heavy post... My favs are the one w/the girls and the HUGE sunglasses... do they look like superstars or what?!
And I told you before, you can wear those shorts perfectly! My legs are a totally different story and I would trade w/you without even thinking about it!


Red pens are overrated! Put the commas wherever.

What a great party and your pictures are awesome! Happy birthday to Gayla, Mercede and Cheyenne. Looks like it was a memorable family day.

I don't have dial up. It did take a long time to load but was worth the wait.


If I looked like you do in shorts, I might wear them more than just on 90 degree days.


This made me chuckle several times! The picture with your dad in the background - too funny!

The one of you and your gangsta sister! Ha ha!

Is Cole normally shy? What song did he sing?

Oh and I'm not trying to hit on your husband or anything, but woah! He's got awesome eyes! Are those digitally enhanced???

And I think you are way too hard on yourself - you look very cute in shorts!


Happy Birthday Girls! Looks like you had fun. Too funny about your Dad being in the background- busted for taking booty shots- HA!

Carrie T

Gayla's MIL, no way. She looks younger than me and I'm 28. I wish I looked that good now! Great pictures. I love the one with Jason and the lake.


lol Carrie, it is not fun having a MIL that looks alot younger than me. and it is weird that we are both in our 40's now;)

Kristi, been waiting for you to send me some of those photofake (hee hee) pictures, so I can post some on my blog!! lol

Cathy In Chicago

You are cracking me up with the "nice butt shots".

All your pictures are great. Love the one of your sister and your nieces with the umbrella.

I'm thinking your hubby's teeth are so sexy and flipp'n lick-a-bull. :O Did I just say that?

Cathy In Chicago

Are you calling your britches.."shorts"?

Where's your Daisy Dukes?

Lynette van Barrelo

These photos are fabbo!!! The Elton shots are a crack up! Go Dad! on the booty shots!

The layout although a long time in the making is gorgeous! Those beautiful blue eyes...

I'd swap your chicken legs for my tree stumps ANY DAY! You look great! AND what would a Kristi post be without the pucker?!!!! love it!


Love the party favor/table decoration thingies. Red Pen Lady is clueless on the commas! Gayla DOES look like Molly Ringwald. I've been watching that show on ABC Family. The dancing photos of CeCe and her boyfriend are so cute. Gayla has big boobies too! (You know how I'm always scoping out boobies.) Those are fun photos and you DO look good in green.


Happy Birthday Gayla and CeCe. Love the pic of Mercede in those glasses. She sure doesn't look 18. Love that first pic of Gaya yes she looks like Molly and like you in the pic.

You did a fabulous job with all those photos. Way to work the camera. Have a great day.

(9 more sleeps until Tara's wedding, I updated my blog with some pics.)

Kristi Smith

Amee, I don't think I bumped up the color in the photo of Matt, although I usually do. He just has pretty eyes and teeth. :)

Yes, I call those shorts. ;) And my legs have been in the sun all summer, aren't they tan? lol


I like your party cute. Great idea for the kabobs too.

Looks like a fun party.:)

I love the pocket hanging out...makes the picture even better!


Mine didn't take a long time to load...go cable! and it was fun too. I didn't even snooze once.

I love your decorations! I got a similar thing for a gift at my 40th bday and thought that girl was so darn clever. So obviously you are now in the "so darn clever" camp as well!


Happy belated birthday, Gayla! And she does look like Molly. Never noticed that before.

Love your table decor Kristi! The one with the 40 Sucks is cute!

Everyone should make that pasta salad. It's wonderful. I miss it. I think I'll make some.


A good time had by all - I love the 40 Sucks!


OMgosh Donna! Gayla doesn't have big um boobies. Gayla only has bigger ones then Kristi because I am fat. If I was skinny like Kristi, we would both be the same size.

Beautiful Bethany

Okay, so about PW's food......her chocolate cake is better know what. Well, my husband thinks i think every food is better know what. Anyway, you have to try it! It's killer (literally). Four cubes of butter and a bunch of other lethal ingredients. Also, her peach crisp is better know what.


GREAT PICTURES!!! And FORTY does suck...just ask me in December and I'll confirm that when forty smacks me in the face, LOL

You do such great work with your camera, maybe your just lucky and have great models?!?! LOL

And Gayla DOES resemble Molly Ringwald, crazy...cuz when I saw the pix on her page I kept thinking to myself she looked like someone, but couldn't put my finger on it, lol

And funny you should say Scott is her real name, since my BF's name is Timothe, she gets that A LOT! LOL How many times that poor woman has to explain her name is unreal!

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