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September 17, 2008



Mmm, your breakfast looks great, and I want what you had for dessert.

Your pictures are fantastic as usual.

And the dermabond reminded me of a story. Once, a kid, not my favorite kid, had his eye glued SHUT at the ER. I can't remember what was supposed to be glued shut, but the eyelid got glued too. He was fine after a couple of weeks.

Will Judy come to PA to do windows?


what is it with faces and injuries? such a delicate part of the body! hugs to cole, although a 45 year old strange woman hugging a 12 year old boy - he would be grossed out by that, but from one loving mother to another's son - well, you know what i mean.

i think you TOTALLY suit fall colours and i hope we get the chance to tear up a store or two when i'm there!!!

Lynette van Barrelo

I love the gold top too. And the black one. 'cept I have trouble FITTING them! ha!

Glad Cole is alright. Sometimes the most innocent things turn bad! I've just spent 1.5 days in a Children's hospital! Long story. I'll post it on my blog.

We have been so long into water restrictions that the prospect of your MIL holding a hose WITH WATER COMING OUT OF IT kinda strikes me right between the eyes! One of the hazards of living in Oz...


Judi, needs to come wash my windows.......and floors, and carpets and dishes, and bedding and.........

Barfing all over your omelet. You know I hate squishy eggs right? I will only eat fried eggs(that aren't scrabbled) or hard boiled.I will say it is pretty. That is the type of eggs I buy for my guys at work.

I liked the first shirt alot, second okay, third, not so much. lol


I agree with Gayla about the omelet. I'm not a huge egg fan though but the idea of egg whites only makes me shudder.

The candy corn on the other hand. Mmmmmmm! I went down the Halloween candy aisle at WalMart yesterday and resisted the very strong temptation to buy a bag.

Love the shirts. When I saw the orange and brown vest I was going to say "you go with your bedroom" then I read a little further. Hee hee

Poor Cole. Scars can be cool though. Look at Harrison Ford. Hubba hubba!

Tell Judy that any time next week is good for her to come right over and wash my windows too!

Carrie T

I decorate for the seasons and not the holidays. I want to put up my fall/harvest decorations, but I'm afraid I'll jinx the beautiful weather we've been having. So I'll just wait. And I'm with you on the orange and brown colors I love them.

Since I was planning my wedding this past spring I didn't clean my windows. I usually take each one out and clean clean clean. It's a lot of work but so worth it. Please send your MIL to Kansas! Happy Thursday!

Jen Biggs

Nice little hodgepodge. Not a fan of just egg whites or candy corn.

Cute tops, though! Makes me wanna go shopping!

Glad Cole's ok. Remind me of when Ethan fell on his scooter and almost took his eye out! He has a little tough guy scar above his eye.

I've never cleaned our windows before. Maybe that should be added to the list. It'll never get done though!


Dermabond is a good thing- I am pretty sure Karissa would have preferred that over the staples she has had in her head not once but two times now.
I am not feeling you one the egg whites either and I am in the minority of those who does not care for candy corn.
What a nice mother in law you have to come and do your windows.


I LOVEEEE Pier 1. I'm always buying candles there. Or pillows or dishes or whatever calls my name to take me home. =) I must go there and get me some pumpkin spice candles.

I also love autumn colours and your clothes are colours I would most definitely wear! =)

Poor Cole, tell him not to pick it and hopefully the scar will fade that you won't hardly notice in a few weeks.

I'm like you I too LOVE Autumn and I am loving the weather.


Your breakfast looks yummy, but I prefer real eggs to egg whites.

Love all of those tops, but I would only wear the last one. I don't do trendy clothes even though I usually like them.

Poor Cole! Who knew that the Wii could be so hazardous to your health!

Does your MIL really love you that much? Or did you bribe her? Or worse, did you use brute force to make her wash those windows??


That's an interesting omlet. The cheese and green peppers sound really good.

I love that your favorite colors are earth tones. And now I want to go shop at Pier 1.

Poor Cole. He's gonna have girls all over him if he ends up with a scar on his face. : )

Cathy " I got La Hay'd"

If I eat a total of 3 eggs a year, that's alot. I don't do breakfast eggs. Much prefer a bowl of cereal or pancakes, or bisquits and gravy with sausage grease!! YUMMY!!!

Poor Cole. I sure hope it doesn't scare. Give him a big kiss for me!

Your tops rock. Love the 1st one very much but it would make me look like I'm having a baby!


That omlette looks yummy. I would have to follow that with a handfull of sugar also!

I like Judy...she is so cute..and she seems to be very sweet. :)

CUTE clothes!!! I'm excited for fall...I'm sick of the heat.

I liked your bucket list. That was a great movie.


Mmmm!!! I love the pumpkin candy the best! Yum, I just bought a container on Friday!

I love fall, it's my favorite time of year!!

I bet you look all snazzy in your new clothes, I love them!!


What a great MIL!

Your new clothes look those fun, fall colors! Looks like a totally yummy breakfast too!


I love your new clothes! All of them! And I am feeling a little jealous right now...


Love the tops you bought, but that first one...I want it!!! If only I had some place to wear it, LOL I do not think sitting at the ballfield or volunteering at school warrants dressing up;) HAHA

OUCH about the eye, hope it heals with minimal scarring!! These 11 year olds sure know how to scare the daylights out of us, huh?

And can your Mother In Law come to my house, I'm ashamed at how nasty my windows are...maybe I should do something about that, lol

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