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September 22, 2008



Awwww what a sweet entry by a sweet mommy for her sweet boy! xoxo


awe... what a sweet post. He is a lucky boy to have a mom like you!


Oh so sweet! What a lucky guy he is to have such a great mama!


I guess I shouldn't say awwww, but I can't help it. He sounds like an awesome kid. I'm gonna have to try paying the girls to get good photos. It worked!

Lynette van Barrelo

I love this.

Cole, you will have a small opportunity to look me in the eye and I hope you do.

Peyton screwed her nose up when she read "Girls are not cute." That's OK hon. She'll get over it. Not really. ;)

2/3 of my boys don't brush their teeth well. I just have to exhale and close one eye when I talk to them.

I still love this post!


Oh Kristi. Those are awesome photos of Cole! He may not be growing physically as quickly as you hoped he would but he's definitely maturing in his face. It shocks me when I see photos of him because I still see his little boy face in my mind!

Carrie T

Wonderful post except for the Mizzou jersey. ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK! :)


Cute post and it was three dollars well spent to capture him at this age. Although next time I see him I am going to have to give him some pointers on negotiating...I think he could have gotten you for at least $5- HA! Love how this is like a nice little letter in time to him.


ahhhhh how sweet is that!!!! love the photo's. And what sweet words.


That is an awesome post!!! I really learned a lot about fun to read. Those are great pictures too Kristi!!


that is so cute, but i thought he was 12!!! i hope he will look me in the eye too, and i ALWAYS ask my girls if they've brushed their teeth - several times a day!


How creative and sweet. I loved reading every one.


Kristi, you are a very good mom. Cole is one lucky boy.

The Cotton Wife

Great post! That's a keeper - both the post AND the guy!


You have just TOTALLY inspired me!! Not all of us are amazingly creative, but I am glad that those that are, are willing to share their God-inspired ideas. God Bless!! Watch out Noah & John-Luke here comes mommy w/ the cam! =)


Great pics of Cole Kristi! I can't believe he let you take all those photos for only 3 bucks. You got a seal of a deal! Cole you need to up your price. Models make lots of money!

Jen Biggs

Very sweet, Kristi. Those pics look really good. Just don't tell my kids you pay your son to take his picture. I will go broke!


Who cares that your kid is a tad bit small for his age... mine is too and they are both super gorgeous guys! There are smaller girls too, you know... Although I have to admit that mine is not one of them with her height of 1.70m and shoe size 42 (I believe that is a women's 10)... But that's not the point here! Pretty cool photos and I would have gladly paid 10 bucks for them... heehee. Kristi I need to e-mail you, lots of stuff going on at our house... need to update you!

Cathy ( I got La Hay'd)

I have a smile from ear to ear. Need I say more?


What a great kid! Happy Bday Cole!

Oh and you've been tagged!;)


This made me cry. Not sure why. Just love good people. I love that kid and I don't even know him.


What a sweetheart! I probably should do something like this with my kids, especially my 11 year old, since he is really putting me through H E double hockey sticks this year, I need to focus on the happy things, right? LOL

And btw...what a HANDSOME boy you have, and you really need to frame those pictures, they are fantastic!


What a sweet post about your boy. He sounds like a good kid. Next time yall get to Georgia he could hang out with Jonathon any time.

Thanks for coming by my blog. When I saw Sue in New York I told her you had stopped by. And I said that I had tried to stop by yours but it was private. She said that I had tried to go to the wrong one. I'm a little silly like that. Sorry it took me so long to get over here to you. You take beautiful pics and have a very nice little blog. Come by and see some of my New York pics!!

That is so great, I need to do that for my kids. Loved the part about having to pay him 3 bucks to take his picture! I think he needs an agent...I have a reasonable fee....

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