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September 26, 2008



So funny!

Why wasn't Rocky Mountain Oysters on the favorite foods list?

Lynette van Barrelo

Haaaaaaah!!!!! ...Vegemite!!!!!!

Will Hung?

Was that Screech from 'Saved by the Bell"?

This is interesting!

Kristi Smith

Stephanie, mountain oysters really do taste good.

Lynette, I guess Vegemite really isn't a food, but I did taste it, I can't belive it is so well liked over there. And yes, that would be that Screech, he was also on Celebrity Fit Club as himself, and let me tell you, he is a piece of work! HA!


Dude! Your list is sweet!
Oh yeah I still laugh out loud to think of William Hung on Idol! Seriously can not see you eating mountain oysters. I do not think I could get past what they are to take the first bite.


I'm beginning to think you are MOCKING the many tags being sent around!!!! ;)

I like your "spend my last $5" answer...that is a good one.

The food list made me nautious.

You are a funny girl...that was creative. Good answers


:( i tagged you first Kristi.... My heart is just broken now.... SO KIDDING...
Dude this list is buck! Pumpkin's my homegirl!! And I can't believe Megan is not on your list of celebrities you admire.. or White boy... hello! he's hot! ;)

Chubby Hubby

dude... i was kidding! Now I feel like an bratty idiot... which very well may be true.... ;) You can just call me Megan. Or maybe that is Lacey like....

Kristi Smith

I knew you were kidding, ohhh, not Lacey!


why did that get put under chubby hubby? urgh... he needs to get his own computer... ;)

Kristi Smith

Did you realize you posted as Chubby Hubby? Or is it CH pretended to be Keri?


How about Daisy????? ;) Did you hear she is getting her own show?!

Kristi Smith

You posted the same time as me! Not Daisy either! No, I didn't know she was getting her own show. It is sad that we know who all these people are. ;)


it's PATHETIC! ;) Let's just hijack your blog and talk about VH1 reality tv stars all day. ;) Speaking of... rock of love 3 is in the making also.... I think Taylor Made needs his own show. He needs to be somebodys wifey.

Kristi Smith

HA! I didn't get to see Taylor Made on the new NY. But you are right, definitely needs to be somebody's wifey. ;) Seriously, Rock of Love 3, NOW that is pathetic.


Kristi, were you drinking when you posted this?

I have no idea who any of those celebs are other than Jared and Vanilla Ice. Who's Carlton? Mr. Boston? Dustin Diamond? I'm totally lost. Are you surprised?

Not one bit, Kendra! Hee-hee. And no, I was not drinking. ;)


Kendra, I didn't know any of them either...and I DO watch tv. :-D


Very creative. I knew some of the celebrities, and I use that term very loosely, but I didn't know all of them. I'd say that our little Kristi watches waaaaayyyy too much reality TV. (And I use THAT term loosely too!)


Oh, and Jeff may be cooking RM Oysters for Lynette, although around here they just say they're "havin' a nut fry." Ewwwww!


Oh my gosh - this is hilarious. i've so missed reading your blog. love (((adore))) your sense of humor. now if I could only meet you in person - I could use the good laughs! suzy


Who wouldn't like to eat a vegemite sandwich and watch Mr Boston pick his nose. Yeah, that is what I am talking about Willis!


Wait, who is Daisy?? And why not have Six pack on that list? His back flip is to die for!

Although, everyone knows that no one was a real man like Chance. Wouldn't you love to take him home to meet your mother!


I'm going to stop reading the comments on this. I just get more and more confused.
: P


I commented on here earlier today and it isn't here.... urgh. It was all about how midget mac should be your #1!


No way Kari, he is not a team player!! lol Remember, he wouldn't wear "the outfit"

Kendra, I wouldn't have a clue either, if it wasn't for my job. That is the only time I have got to watch these shows is during work, because my individuals watch them.

Otherwise, I just watch Dexter, that wonderful serial killer!! lol

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