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August 02, 2008



Oh my goodness Kristi those are too cute. Great job with those photos. They sure do love Matt. =) Thanks for the smile now I'm off to bed.


how could anyone NOT like chipmunks after that post kristi!? totally cute and some REALLY great shots - close ones!!! zoom lens or super friendly chipmunks?


LOL! How funny! Shawn says he remembers the chipmunks from his trips to Colorado when he was a kid. He said there were birds (crows I believe) that would swoop down and eat out of their hands too.

I bet Pam has a garden and that's why she hates chipmunks.

Great photos Kristi!!


that is so awesome! We had the same thing happen while visiting the grand canyon, but I only got a picture of one checking out a water was way too hot to hang with the chipmunks. I love your pictures.


What a great series!


Cute! I love that one with his little hands reaching for the pretzel. Eeeeeeee!!!


They are cute but they are destructive to gardens and flower beds- that may be why Pam hates them. They are always digging in our mulch but the ones at our house are not quite that friendly- maybe if we fed them they would be.


Yep, what Kendra and Melinda said, they have eaten every bulb in my yard including the tulips I had imported from Holland! They have left holes all over my mulch beds AND they eat all my birdseed! I don't care how cute your photos are it's not gonna make me like them! :)


hey look it's Pip!!! so glad the wicked stepmother didn't get to him after all!

love the photos Kristi!
looks like you had an awesome trip!!

btw: HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY!!!! hope you had a great day.


why didn't you say it was your birthday!?!?! i'm definitely putting it in my calendar so i remember next year!

can't wait to see pics. hope u had an awesome day...hugs

Lynette van Barrelo

These are soooo cute!!! Makes me think of Chip and Dale. How adorable that they come and climb all over you and eat out of your hand. Although, come to think of it, it wouldn't be so cute if you were a non-animal lover.

Hope they spoilt you on your birthday!


There is a lot of chipmunk loving going on here! Love your pictures! Suzy

Carrie T

Have you seen Failure to Launch when the cute little chipmunk latches on Matthew McConaughey's finger? I was waiting for something like that to happen to your Matt. :)


They are too sweet but I can imagine that when they eat away your expensive tulip bulbs, you don't care for them anymore. I have tulips in my garden (they are not expensive here, but then again I'm from Holland :D ) and lucky me we don't have chipmunks over here!
Great photos BTW!

Carrie T

For the most part I enjoy living in NW Kansas. It's completely different than the Wichita/Winfield area though. We are dry, hot, windy and the land is flat.

Yes I'm bored today and just browsing through different blogs on my list. :)


Those chipmunks are so stinkin' cute!!!

Debra Rector

Gosh -- these photos are amazing! I have to agree with Carrie. They are so stinkin' cute! Thanks much for visiting my blog. You mentioned something about wanting to know what camera equipment I use. A complete list of my cameras and lenses are shown on the left side of my blog. Anyway, I'll return often to visit. Love your photos!


Wow, those are some seriously cool pictures!!! My kids would have been in chipmonk heaven! So cool Kristi.


Amazing photos!
But add me to the chipmunk haters group...they have RUINED my garden and are also causing major damage to a very big and very expensive to fix rock wall that we have. ARGH!


Those chipmunks look like they might throw down over those chex....i mean over MATT! All subjects are adorable. human and rodent.

Oh my goodness, those are too cute for words. I especially LOVE the one reaching for the Chex Mix. You should contact the company and see if they want it for a print ad LOL.

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