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August 16, 2008



I can't believe all the photos you posted of the kids! How fun to see the changes.

Glad you had a good time Kristi!


you did so well to catch up with all of them. great post kristi with some great pics and memories. scary how they all grow up so fast, and yet all the mums still look so young and HOT!!!


Wow! Look at all those kids! You're friends really know how to multiply!

Those old pics of the kids were so cute - especially the VBS one.

I'm proud of you for getting together with them, I remember you saying you felt bad that you hadn't seen them.


Looks like a fun time. Glad you were able to catch up with them.
I bet the old pictures were fun to look through.


so sweet Kristi. I have been trying to reconnect with old friends too. I forget how much I miss them untill I am with them again. It was fun to see pictures of your LITTLE Cole, so darn CUTE. crazy how kids grow. somtimes I wish they would just stay little.


I can't believe how much "M" looks like Rona!!! That is cool that you guys got together again. It is amazing how much kids grow in 5 years-wow!

Cathy In Chicago

Those of the kids and the changes that they have made over the past 5 years are amazing. Great job with reconnecting. Isn't it amazing how only an hour drive turns into 5 years.

Kristi Smith

I should clarify that I saw them around 2 years ago. I left that out. Thankgoodness it wasn't 5, that would have been really bad! ;)

Amy, I hadn't really thought about M looking that much like Rona before, but I can see it now.

Thia page takes forever to download!!!


What a fun post. Sometimes we just need to get in the car and drive and see those friends. Joan and I live almost two hours apart and we see each other often. We take turns with the driving. it's just something you gotta make time for. I'm glad you took the time and had so much fun. Isn't crazy how fast kids grow up? You can really see it in those pics. I love the last pic the best of the boys off on their scooters.

Kristi Smith

I know, it is crazy how they grow up.

I don't know why you can' t see the bottom of the scooters in that last photo though, they just disappeared into the pavement!


Cute post....makes me want to go back and look at my kids and their cousins/friends when they were young.


I saw over on Kims blog that you commented that you wanted a girl to take shopping for school supplies and read over your shoulder....I'll give you my 13 year old!!! She would definitely keep ya shopping for days on end :) she is bit sassy though so I'm not sure you'd want her long LOL


That was fun. There you are again with your wild hair styles! Woo hoo.

I like the photo of the boys on the boat smiling. And also the one of the kids praying. CUTE!


You're amazing, Kristi! Thanks for coming to see us and posting all the great pics and comments. Chris and I just about bawled like babies to see the changes a few years make. Great memories!

Lynette van Barrelo

Wow! Only an hour away and you've missed all of that growth and multiplication with the kids!

It's always great to catch up. It looks like you had a lot of fun!


ok look at you getting all rockin' with the camera! you go girl! I love all the befores and afters! perfect post girlie!!!


your title threw me back into my youger days as a girl scout singing... "Make new friends, but keep the old... on is silver, but the others gold.."
Those are really great pictures. That is awesome that you have that bond with the girls. AND you all have such BEAUTIFUL children!

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