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August 24, 2008



Very nice photos and very cute couple!


for someone who says they have no idea what they're doing - i think you're doing pretty well! they're lovely and you're right, they are very comfortable in front of the camera

Lynette van Barrelo

Nice job! I think you've done fabulously well! I like the one of them goofing off in the corner of the stone walls. I know what you mean with the focus issue.

Why, oh why, if it was "so hot" are they wearing jeans?


It will all click for you one of these days. I know you well enough to know you're not going to give up!!! I think you did just fine. You got some really fun poses.


cute photos, Kristi!! and I totally get the focus thing.....frustrating!

cathy in chicago

I thought I was reading something I had written when I first started. I can take 800 photos and when I load them up, 775 of them are blurry though I would have never known it by looking at the camera.

You did a beautiful job.


I think those are great. I especially love the look on her face when he has the spoon in his mouth. Why does he have two spoons? One in his hand and one in the dish. They're very cute and very photogenic.

Carrie T

Those are really good! I'd love to take pictures for engagements and weddings, but once I win the lottery I'll have time to do that stuff! :)

Kristi Smith

Donna, they shared the same ice cream not the same spoon. ;)


Yup they always seem to look better on the little camera screen than the computer don't they? I think if you can take a bunch and walk away with some that make you happy than it is all worth it!


Cute couple. You did a fine job Miss Kristi, don't worry so much. =)


They turned out great!

Cheryl Burnham

You have done a wonderful job with these, Kristi. I don't understand my camera either, I just point and shoot, good enough for me.

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