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August 25, 2008



LOL! Shawn says they are attracted to witches. ; )

We have a bunch of them living in one of the dormers of our house. We love them and enjoy watching them fly out at night. They eat mosquitoes. Will that convince you to stop spraying it with the hose?

Kristi Smith

It must be attracted to witches if you have a BUNCH of them! ;)

HEEEEE-HEEEEE-HEEEE-HEEEE-HE (that is supposed to be a witch cackle).

Kristi Smith

From Wikipedia:

Only 0.5% of bats carry rabies. However, of the few cases of rabies reported in the United States every year, most are caused by bat bites.[20] Although most bats do not have rabies, those that do may be clumsy, disoriented, and unable to fly, which makes it more likely that they will come into contact with humans. Although one should not have an unreasonable fear of bats, one should avoid handling them or having them in one's living space, as with any wild animal. If a bat is found in living quarters near a child, mentally handicapped person, intoxicated person, sleeping person, or pet, the person or pet should receive immediate medical attention for rabies. Bats have very small teeth and can bite a sleeping person without being felt. There is evidence that it is possible for the bat rabies virus to infect victims purely through airborne transmission, without direct physical contact of the victim with the bat itself.[21][22]


I am not sleeping.

Lynette van Barrelo

Ewwww... they creep me out...

They are loud and smelly and ewwww.

PS I thought you might like to add to the Wikipedia excerpt "...should not be sprayed with water as nocturnal mutation may occur if exposed to bright flashes of light."


NO WAY!! That is so gross, I would have fainted on sight!

The Cotton Wife


Didja scream really loud like I would have?

Carrie T

I opened a seldom used barn door last fall and the bat looked up at me and screamed. I screamed and ran. YIKES! They look so little when they are curled up, but they are really huge when their wings come out!


yuck yuck and more yuck. First thing that came to mind for me was being little and hearing that they will fly at you and get stuck in your hair. So yes I would have ran inside and not even bothered with the pictures- you are braver than I.
So are you going to go out tonight to water? ;)


We had one in our porch a few years ago. It was out of sorts. Then our cat got into the porch and had it in a flash. I got the cat away from it and swept the bat out into the yard. The next day it was gone.I was just like you and had to take pictures. I wonder what happened to those? Hubby would not go near it that is why I got rid of it.

We see bats every night as dusk flying around our yard eating bugs and mosquitoes. I love to lie on the hammock and watch them fly around. I think it's pretty cool. As long as they don't get more then three feet close to me I'm okay with them.

I don't think you need to worry if you got out to water tonight. I'm sure it was more scared of you after the shower you gave it. =) I don't think it will be back. I would be shocked if it did. Maybe it's a vampire. =D


Only time I have ever heard Shawn scream was when he opened the back door and a bat swooped over his head hehehe!!!!

Jen Biggs

Okay, that is creepy! I would have screamed, too. You are fast withe camera.


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm screaming silently. FREAKY!!


so i guess if i'm rooming with any of y'all, i'll be the one dealing with the spiders???

cathy from chicago

I love BATMAN!!




oh YUKKY!! oh my gosh... that is so scary!!! you are so brave for taking a picture of that... that THING!! eww.. i would have been so scared that when i took the picture it would have flown to me... i can't even think about it........


Now I know what to do to freak you out and all your blog commenters. Just stick a bat in your face. Now where can I find my own bat!?


Yuck I think I would have screamed like h***! I would have totally freaked out... I'm glad we don't have bats in the Netherlands... we have mice, and spiders (which btw completely freak me out as well). Come to think of it, I don't like creepy crawlers at all... Hope you got some sleep though!

Beautiful Bethany

Oh SECK! I hate bats. How on earth were you brave enough to take pictures of it?! Every morning when I walk outside, there is an area of nasty bat poo on the driveway....I have no idea why it's in the exact same area, but it scares me to think that they're flying around our casa. Don't they eat mosquitoes though?


Yikes! I would still be running too!


That is so cool! I forgot to call you back tonight, will try tomorrow. Your first on the list of 5 people I forgot to call back, almost 40 is killing me.

Cheryl Burnham

Ohhh no I should not have come here. I hate any thing that flies round my head. DH tries to tell me they have the cutiest little face EEEEKKKK. I am scared of moths too but not butterflies so go figure that one. !!! You are soooo BRAVE, Kristi to stay around for photos. !!


Yikes....I cant believe you stayed out long enough to take pictures of it!!!

I wouldn't be able to sleep either. Curtis killed two black widows outside our house when we first bought it....that made it hard to get to sleep too.

Cool pics.

Oh, and the pictures you took of the couple in the previous cute. You sure look like you know what you are doing with your camera to me!!!

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